“You don’t have to cook fancy or complicated masterpieces – just good food from fresh ingredients.” ― Julia Child

Hi Folks ! I am Prachi Garg. Born and raised in India and now residing in the US. An Industrial Designer by profession, passionate foodie and a budding cook. I am on a constant lookout for new ingredients, interesting collaborations and fun experiences to add to my culinary journey.

My connection with the world of food

As a teenager, i was always a helping hand to my mother in the kitchen. I would stand observing her, as she dished out nutritious, healthy yet scrumptious meals day in and out. I not only loved to eat what she cooked but food became a communication medium between me and my mother. Over the years I discovered my “love for food” and I grew fonder of cooking. The more I cooked and experimented with spices and cooking methods, I felt a strong connection with food and found cooking therapeutic. I kept learning tips and tricks through the years by observing my mother and over the years, cooking started becoming a passion for me.

How did Divine Spice Box start?

In December, 2012, i got married and shifted to Montreal, Canada. It was a paradigm shift for me, both culturally and professionally. I was not working at that time and was in need of something which would keep me creatively motivated. That is when i took to cooking. Sometimes, shifting to a new country can bring a change in the way passion works !  Cooking soon became a passion for me with an artistic expression and started fueling my creativity. I started the blog “Divine Spice Box” in May 2013 with a sole purpose of documenting my daily culinary adventures but soon the blog became a source of sharing my culinary experimentation with the world and I got hooked to it 🙂

During my 2 years in Canada, I conducted various cooking workshops and ran events like Restaurant day which gave me an opportunity to share my talent and love of food with people. I shifted my base from Canada to USA in Oct 2014 and now I call the sunny, beautiful city of San Diego my home.

So, what is the forte of Divine Spice Box ?

DSB is all about developing vegetarian recipes with an International flair. This blog serves as my artistic expression of food. I believe that just like design, food is more than just a gastronomical experience. It is not only for the taste buds or other sensory receptors, it is a language in itself. Food need not be complicated but needs to be adaptive. With this philosophy, DSB tries to bring food which takes inspiration from varied cuisines and meld them together to create simple, artistic food which are easy to prepare at home and can be enjoyed everyday.

Divine Spice Box Journey so far

Its been a little over 2 years since i started this blog. It began as an experiment to understand food in depth and develop recipes which emphasize the true qualities of fresh ingredients and traditional cooking techniques. The blog has been well received by people and DSB got lots of great opportunities to meet new people and collaborate with them. DSB has been teaching the basics of Indian cooking to non Indians for over 2 years now which is gaining popularity and more people are showing interest. DSB also engages in product reviews and specialized product development for new and exciting products.

Interested in Collaborations?

DSB loves to work on exciting and unexplored ingredients. Being a self motivated, self running, non commercial blog, it is often challenging to get new supplies for recipe development on a continuous basis. In the past, some of the companies have collaborated with DSB for a taste test/review and/or recipe development. If you would like to get together and work on something fun and exciting, Let’s Collaborate!

200+ recipes and stories to share, here i am with my collection of little divine cooking experiences which daily adds new spices to my life. I love experimenting with ingredients from all over the world in my little kitchen and create recipes which pack the various flavours of the world in a single spice box.

All the recipes you find here would be vegetarian.

A little Note : I like fusion cooking. I believe that it is not absolute necessary to follow recipes in the exact manner. If my heart tells me to take a little deviation from it, i follow it. Nothing bad can happen if the heart says it 🙂 Many of the recipes i post might be ordinary and known but often with my interpretation & a little twist. Open the doors of your refrigerator and let the ingredients inspire you today to cook something new !!

Find my recipes here as well

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