Divine Spice Box believes in re-creating culinary experiences. Shifting to Montreal and away from my homeland India, i realized my passion for cooking and started this blog. With people showing interest in reading my blog and soon after to learn from my cooking, i got encouragement and decided to conduct some cooking workshops and other events. I have had great experience with the same and you all can get a sneak peak into those events here:


Date : 5th November, 2013 / Venue : Montreal, Canada
“Hot Delhi” was my first experience of conducting a culinary class. It was thrilling and awesome to be sharing my Indian cooking skills with montrealers.


Date : 8th April, 2014 / Venue : Montreal, Canada
“Hot India”  had a fun and enthusiastic group for class. The recipes were kept Interactive, simple to follow and great for party food.


restaurant day event

The team

Date : 17th May, 2014 / Venue : 7246 Rue Berri Montreal (Near Station Jean Talon)
“Restaurat Day”  was my first experience with creating and managing a pop-up restaurant for a day ! What if u could get a day when u can cook anything and serve as u wish.. is’nt that fun? What would u do? Read on for knowing what and how we did it !

Date : 9th Sept, 2014 / Venue : Montreal, Canada
Last of its kind to be held by me in Montreal, Canada, ” Indian Monsoons” workshop wrapped up the events in Canada for me with a friendly group of people who joined in bringing some good food and memories for me to carry to the city of San Diego. Read on to know what fun things we cooked !






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