Ottawa Tulip festival

I am a nature person. I believe we probably can never get enough of the things we need to explore outside our technology driven worlds. Nature’s way of communication is far too strong for any human technology to ever surpass. Listening to the morning chirping of birds, water flowing creating abstract paintings on roads,the mighty clouds… are merely the start of millions of connections and communications building up each moment, giving meaning to our otherwise mundane lives.

Being a visual person by nature, colors often mean more than just a smile for me. I love the energy i absorb when i am around colors and how some colors have the power to heal, to induce emotions and convey feelings. I think Flowers are just a beautiful metaphor for the same. Always associated with their colors, form and fragrance, they are one of the nature’s most beautiful, elegant and delicate creations. The more you tend to it, the better it blooms and brings happiness around.

Of many flowers that i simply adore, Tulips have always been on my top lists. The simplicity and uncomplicated yet bold colors of this flower is just so captivating. Often associated with the red color, i have always found this flower to connote a superiority to many other flowers in the race of fame and somehow i feel it has a very delicate yet bold appeal in its form.

Ever since i shifted to Montreal, i was looking forward to see my first tulip festival which happens every year during May in Ottawa, Ontario, Canada. I was really surprised to find that there is in fact a history why Tulip festival exists in Canada. Taken from the Ottawa’s Tulip festival official website, is what i got to read :-tulippMy husband had seen it once before and had given me good reviews about it. I was ecstatic, in the least to see the blooming dales myself. Really looking forward to merry May, i kept myself on a look out for the starting of the tulip festival to ensure my visit to Ottawa. The weather though, seemed to have mischievous plans and suddenly last 2 weeks Montreal and Ottawa saw rain showers and drizzle all around the clock. Our chances were getting bleak by each passing day but i never lost hope.

Last Saturday, the 18th May, our luck rose to a sunny start of the day with weather forecast showing no signs of rain the entire day. This was an opportunity not to miss for sure ! We hurried to make it to the 8am bus and by 11am, i was amidst the largest collection of Tulips available in Ottawa.

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The sight was simply breath-taking. I had always seen Tulips on televisions and had a perception that the colors were altered as they could never be so bright and full of life! But i was taken by a big surprise and i had all smiles to give in return. The Tulips were growing in a very disciplined manner in a huge park and loads of people were busy capturing this nature’s beauty in their lenses. Many couples were sitting along side the Tulip blossoms and enjoying a peaceful moment together, kids were having a gala time running about the place in merry circles. The entire scene was picturesque.

I grabbed my camera too in attempt to get some good views of these marvelous tulips and indeed got some decent pictures. See and enjoy the feast for your eyes !! 🙂

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