Lazzaris Jams and sauces product review

Product reviews are always fun !! You get to try out new products and they help you expand your palate of inspiration. This review is for Lazzaris, Italy who specializes in making jams and sauces. In this review, i would be trying out some of their exciting concoctions and picking out my favorites. This is going to be awesome 🙂

Lazzaris is a brand specializing in creating sauces, jams and mostards. The company started in Italy in the 1900s and it has been constantly innovating and creating new flavours since then. A few months back, i was contacted by their representative and they showed interest in sending me some samples for a taste test and review. The first thing i did after reading their email was to go check out their website and their products. I found their product range really vast and full of interesting flavours. I said yes and after a few email exchanges and some weeks of waiting, i received this package full of surprising and exciting jams and sauces. So generous of Lazzaris ! Thanks for so much love from Italy 🙂

lazzaris products


So many flavors to choose from. They sent me in all 12 product samples with the following flavors:

  • Fig Jam and Sauce
  • Orange Sauce
  • Apricot Sauce
  • Pear Jam and Sauce (who knew one could make a jam out of Pear ! I didn’t)
  • Amarena cherry Sauce
  • Amarena Cherries in Syrup
  • Quince Jam
  • Wildberry Sauce
  • Extra Cherry Jam
  • Black Grape Jam

How exciting is that !! All these glass bottles came nicely packed and i opened them almost in a child like haste. The more bottles i opened, the more exciting it got.

I have tasted all the jams we see above (it is a surprise that i am not yet hit by the sugar rush :P). The good news is that i loved most of the flavors ! Lazzaris jams are made using organic ingredients and are free of preservatives. These products are not excessively sweet (like typical store bought jams) and the prominent sweetness seems to come from the fruit used in the jams/sauces. That makes these products perfect to use as a spread or even a dessert topping !

The fig jam and the grape jams are my favorite picks from the lott ! The fig jam feels like eating fresh figs and the same goes for the grape jam. The sweetness is just enough to make it feel like a jam but retain the fresh fruit eating experience. My rating – 10/10 !

Now for some first time tasters – Quince Jam and Pear Jam.

Quince Jam –

I have never tried the Quince fruit in my life so i was rather excited about this Jam. It found the taste of the jam pretty interesting and for a first time taste, my palate perceived it as a hybrid pear-apple flavour ! Pear Jam –I am not a big fan of pears but this jam changes the perception right away. A little sweeter than its fellow jams, this jam has the pear puree and all the flavour intact. Overall rating – Good 🙂


I am new to the concept of Italian sauces. My knowledge limits me to Marinara, Arabiatta, Bechamel, alfredo and such (you know what i mean !). These sauces are not like the ones i expected. Looking at the names, i presumed that these would be some fruit sauces and would have the overall sweet taste to them. They are sweet but have a distinct flavour and aroma of the mustard in them. For the first timer , i took them with a kick and found the mustard flavor pretty strong for my taste buds.  Then i started reading about them and realised that these are infact mostard based sauces, a north Italian condiment.. very interesting ! I think i will try them again and this time try pair them with some bread or cheeses and let the flavours develop 🙂

Overall the products are pretty promising and can inspire a foodie like myself to try new dishes using these jams and sauces.

Hop onto their website and check out their interesting array of flavors here. These jams and sauces sitting on my shelf are calling out to me and i am already gearing up to start experiments with some of these…. i guess a recipe is in order soon 🙂

I would like to thank Lazzaris for contacting me and sending me these amazing samples 🙂 New to Italian jams and sauces, these samples have been a catalyst in expanding my palate and inspiring me to keep learning. Enthusiasts, please check out their website, pinterest and youtube channel !

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  1. Awesome! Don’t you just love product reviews? These jams sound delightful!! Especially from Italy. 🙂

  2. angela napolitano

    how can I purchase some of these jams? Online or in any stores?

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