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Hi Folks.

I am Prachi. A big foodie and believer of healthy cooking using fresh ingredients. I guess the more one starts to indulge in food, the more it gets onto you. I got married a couple of months back and is a new comer to the family life group. I am now taking care of various aspects of daily life and that involves a big chunk of “cooking business”. To me, food has always been fascinating and cooking always gives me pleasure. I usually think of ideas about food alterations in attempt to make the food i eat more healthy, nutritious yet sumptuous and mouth-watering.

As i see, blogging is a medium to explore possibilities, share ideas, do collaborative thinking and such. Lately i have been reading a whole lot of material available on the internet regarding food and realized that blogging was one of the best mediums to start my journey of food.

I have always been very scared of writing and never explored this side of me. Being a talkative personality, I am surely not a “person of few words” but somehow writing has always intimidated me because I could not convey experiences in words.

Having gone through many days of “new-food experiments” and being motivated by lots of friends, here I am now – an amateur trying to get into the “world of words” and sharing my in-numerous little experiences with cooking and daily life.

This blog would primarily be featuring my home food creations, adventures, experiences and inspirations around.

You can find my latest recipes on “Recipe Corner” in the navigation on the left panel. To read more about my expeditions and new adventures, please visit “In and Around” in the navigation.

Hope you like them! Happy reading 🙂

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  1. i can see a budding cook in you. wish you all the best.

  2. All the best for the new beginnings.:D Looking forward to yummy posts from an expert cook in the family (won’t call u budding)!!

    • Thanks a lot Bua. Getting so much encouragement with the way everyone is responding. Hope u like the recipes. Let me know of unique recipes u make at home or ideas u have but would rather let someone else try it for u. The idea of the blog is collaborative learning.Keep writing 🙂

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