Cakes to try this summer – Compilation

Today i have a delicious compilation of some of my favorite desserts from my collection. Try them, i am sure they will find that special place in your hearts 🙂

Now click on the links below and check them out !

cherry oatmeal tart








tres leches cake







sticky date coconut cake











banana oatmeal copy











choco toffee bits tiramisu copy











devil's dream chocolate cake copy











pineapple slice express











mango cheesecake copy






















caramel custard cheesecake copy











I would love to hear from people who give this is a try ! Click a pic and share with me here on this space 🙂 Have fun browsing !!

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  1. Awesome collection!!!

  2. Loved all of them girl ! Ek dam racking ❤️

  3. Racking works for me too 😛

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