Rasbhari Rasmalai – Rakshabandhan Special

Divine Spice Box wishes all its readers a very very happy Rakshabandhan. May the love between siblings continue to grow manifolds each year and the relationship becomes sweeter with each passing day ๐Ÿ™‚ย  This post is a special post and i am dedicating this to my lovely sister. Sister i am making your favorite dessert today – Rasbhari Rasmalai !

Festivals is one time i miss my family, friends and my hometown the most. Off so many memories that we make and carry with us throughout our lives, good times while celebrating festivals are the most cherished memories. Every time there is a festival being celebrated in India, the little girl in me yearns to go back to my home town and be with my family. We are but left at the mercy of calls and video chats to feel at home and be virtually present. Such is life i guess !

Rakshabandhan was always a special day.

All my cousins would gather at our place and we would be a bunch of 5-6 kids so excited to tie rakhis to each other. It used to be so much fun. As kids, we loved to hand make rakhis and would often compete with each other to seek who had the best looking one … aah good times ๐Ÿ™‚ My mom loved making sweets and she often made Rasmalai for my mama (her brother). We used to ensure she made a whole lot so that all of us could also get our share.

rasbhari rasmalai close up

Today, i called my sister and we were talking about Rakhis and she mentioned that mom was planning to make Rasmalai this year as well. As she mentioned, all those memories flashed back and i decided to keep that tradition alive, here, 5000 miles away from home.

Rasbhari Rasmalai is like calling our Indian Chai as Chai tea (Chai=tea) but while my sister always called this Rasmalai, i always called this dish Rasbhari and to come to a common consensus, we started calling this sweet Rasbhari Rasmalai a long time ago. I just wanted to preserve that memory and thought this was the best way !So, here it is ! ๐Ÿ™‚

Rasbhari Rasmalai

Rasbhari Rasmalai

  • Servings: 5-6
  • Difficulty: easy
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rasbhari rasmalai 2Ingredients

  • rasgullas/cottage cheese balls- 12-15 small
  • Whole milk – 1 liter
  • condensed milk- 1/2 cup
  • ย rice flour- 2 tablespoons
  • 2-3 cardamom pods, seeds removed and crushed to a powder
  • 5-6 strands of saffron, soaked in 1 tablespoon lukewarm milk
  • chironji (optional)- 1 tablespoon
  • 5-6 almonds, blanched and cut into slivers


  1. We begin with taking the rasgullas and squeezing out the syrup from them gently. Keep aside.
  2. Now, take a deep, thick bottomed pan and pour the condensed milk in it. Slowly start to add in milk and mix it together. Bring the mix to heat and start to cook on medium high. Keep stirring in between so that the milk does not stick to the bottom. The milk mixture will start to thicken a bit after about 10 minutes.
  3. At this stage, take some milk mix from the pan and mix the rice flour in it. Whisk well till there are no lumps. Add this to the milk mixture. The milk mixture will thicken further.
  4. Now, add in the crushed cardamom and saffron. Mix well.
  5. Add in the squeezed rasgullas in it and cook on medium heat for 3-4 minutes. Shut the flame and let it cool down. Ad in the chironji and mix.
  6. Serve lukewarm or cold with almonds on top.

If you are thinking of what to make this Rakshabandhan, look no further and try this recipe right away.

This recipe is super simple if you are using store bought rasgullas. I still feel a little anxious about making my own Rasgullas but i think i would be doing that pretty soon too! For now, this recipe works great and you all should also give it a go !

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