Aloo Kofta – Potato croquettes in spicy tomato gravy

Mondays are packed with energy, enthusiasm and hopes for a fruitful week. I am usually at my highest energy levels on Monday 🙂 It is days like these when i want to give a hearty surprise to my family and today i decided to pack some magic in their tiffin box. If your family goes gaga over potatoes (just like mine), this recipe is a feast ! I am transforming potatoes into something even more delightful – Aloo Koftas !!
This is a post from Archive but as one says, old recipes are like hidden treasures which need to be dug out once in a while and re-discovered 🙂
You can enjoy these koftas with pooris, parathas, rotis and even rice 🙂 I am going to be making some Palak Pooris to go along with these scrumptious Aloo Koftas today, just like in the pic !

aloo koftas

So, as a bonus, i am putting together the recipe for both Aloo Koftas and Palak Poori for you here so that u can make this combination too : )

Aloo Koftas –

aloo kofta 1

Palak Pooris –

palak pooris copy

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  1. You are making me hungry! Both recipes look “divine”!

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