Loma Linda Meal Solutions Review

Today, I am reviewing some exciting “Meal Solutions” by Loma Linda and sharing my first impression with you all. Not only that, I have also partnered with Loma Linda to give 2 of you a chance to win some of these delicious Meal solutions for yourself. Read on for more details.

December for me is always a busy month. Amidst meeting yearly deadlines, decking up the house for the holidays and having people over for dinners… the list just does not end! There are many days in between the craziness when I just want to have a comforting meal without really donning my apron and getting my hands messy. The first thing that pops in my head is to load up on frozen meals but I think you would agree when I say that freezers are not usually empty – especially during Holidays ! I have the habit of prepping my ingredients in advance and my freezer is usually chockfull – year around: P I would invariably buy things in bulk and store them in my freezer. With a rental apartment, the freezer isn’t exactly huge and that makes it tough to store those frozen meals. Please tell me I am not the only one here with this problem!

Loma Linda's Meal Solutions

Loma Linda’s Meal Solutions

I have always been looking for “Heat and Eat” meal which takes up minimum space in my fridge/freezer, have a variety to keep it interesting and are nutritious! Guess what, I found the solution in Loma Linda’s Meal Solutions!!  Check out the extensive range here

So, why I like these Meal Solutions:

  • Varieties – They offer an exciting range of 16 Meal Solutions covering cuisines from all around the world
  • Shelf Stable – they don’t even need refrigeration! Added bonus when you want to take meals for a trip.
  • Heat and Eat – Easy to grab and go, the meal solutions come in individual microwaveable pouches which can be prepared in 1 minute.
  • Vegetarian and Vegan – All the meal solutions are high protein, low fat, low cholesterol and low calories. Plus all of them are vegetarian and they also offer some vegan variants.
  • No Preservatives, No trans Fat or Cholesterol.
  • Uses Non – GMO  soy products in the Meal solutions

For the review, I decided to try out 4 of the varieties :

samples from Loma Linda

samples from Loma Linda


I was super excited to try all of these Meal solutions. Being a foodie at heart, I love to try out different cuisines so I picked up distinct flavor profiles from the meal solutions to really put these to test. Here is what I think of them :


Loma Linda's Spicy Pad Thai

Loma Linda’s Spicy Pad Thai

Just look at that bowl of deliciousness ! Who would believe it if I say this actually came out of a pouch!! All I did was take it out in a bowl, heat it up in the microwave for a minute and sprinkle some fresh garnish on top and voila! A hot bowl of spicy pad Thai is ready to be devoured. The flavors are easily identified as that of a traditional Pad Thai and I am really impressed with the texture of the noodles. The pack says it contains 2 servings but I would say it is more like a single serving if that is all that you are having for a meal. Even with that, the total comes out to be under 500 calories… which I think is pretty neat.



Loma Linda's Tikka Masala

Loma Linda’s Tikka Masala

I was seriously super excited about trying this one out ! Having made hundreds of batches of Tikka Masala in my life so far, I am kind of a snob when it comes to Indian flavors. To my surprise, this Tikka Masala tastes pretty good and the Indian spice combinations packs a punch of flavor in this dish. Usually Tikka Masala is eaten with Rotis/Naans but I found the combination of Tikka Masala and rice working here really well. With a dash of lemon and some freshly chopped coriander, this Tikka Masala is easy to elevate and serve in front of guests!


Loma Linda's Mediterranean Italian Tomato and Olive with Pasta

Loma Linda’s Mediterranean Italian Tomato and Olive with Pasta

With a very interesting blend of flavors, this Meal solution is delightfully flavored! It has a subtle touch of earthiness coming from the herbs which strikes the perfect harmony of flavors in this dish. I was frankly a bit confused as this dish contains Udon noodles which comes from the Japanese cuisine and then it is flavored with Olives and Tomatoes which brings an Italian flare to this dish. Finally, the spices in this dish is reminiscent of Mediterranean flavours making this meal solution a fusion in the true sense. I thought the Udon noodles were a bit softer than I would love but all in all, this dish works for my flavor palate. Add some vegan cheese on top with fresh chopped basil for serving!


Loma Linda's Chik'n and Mushroom Risotto

Loma Linda’s Chik’n and Mushroom Risotto

With just 262 calories and 14g proteins in the entire pouch, this is already winning my heart! Just like any good risotto, this dish is creamy, cheesy and has an umami flavor from the shiitake mushrooms and shallots. The ingredients are simple and clean which highlights the natural flavor of the black and brown rice and the earthiness of the mushrooms. For giving the finishing touches, I added some more roasted mushrooms on top and topped off with a generous amount of parmesan cheese. Perfectly balanced and delicious, I give a big thumbs up to this risotto.

I have really enjoyed tasting these Meal solutions and I think the offerings are delightful. With the 4 pouches I got to try, I can already vouch for these Meal Solutions and I am pretty sure all of their variations are delicious. Being a shelf stable product, It is usually assumed that it would contain a lot of preservatives but I was really impressed to see that these products contains none of the bad stuff.. just simple clean ingredients. I would highly recommend these if you are looking for a space saving, shelf stable meal pouches. Not only can you eat them right from the pouch, I bet some of these variants will also work great as stuffings or side dishes 🙂 Thank you Loma Linda for introducing me to these Meal solutions ! So, next time you go your grocery stores, look for these Meal solutions or simply order them online. Look for them at these retailers.

After reading the review, I am sure you are also excited to try out these Meal solutions and choose from your favorites yourself. Well, Loma Linda has graciously offered to giveaway 2 lucky winners some meal pouches. For entering, hop on to my Instagram feed and check out the giveaway details.

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