Recipe Wrap up 2015

The year 2015 has been one eventful year at the Divine Spice Box kitchen. Amidst the relocation and settling in the new city, i tried my hands at new ingredients, new flavours and took to new challenges. It has been a great learning curve for me and with each new recipe, my bond with my kitchen has grown stronger 🙂 This post is my recipe wrap up for 2015. Time to retrospect and reflect on my journey with my divine spice box 🙂

Blogging is like raising a child (or is what i have come to realize)  : it needs constant love, care , nurturing and well in the case of a food blogger, FOOD !! I have been trying to figure out my relationship with my blog and have come to understand that it is as co-independent as any relationship goes. There are days when i am absolutely hooked to my thoughts and stories a.k.a the world of blogging and i seem to pour my heart out to it. Then there are other days when blogging seems too much of a commitment and i am out of ideas for a conversation starter.. aah ! Well what keeps both of us  ( me and my baby blog) together and committed is our shared passion for creativity and food !! I know i am sounding a bit crazy right now.. but trust me, i am neither drunk nor too sleepy to write 😛

During my 2.5 years of being a food blogger, i have had many conversations with fellow bloggers and food enthusiasts and i always ask them this one question – ” Why did you start blogging”? The answers that i get are varied and often very interesting. There are very few people who started the blog just because they were bored or jobless!  I know why i started it …  Blog was my expression for creativity, design, food, passion and much more !! I learnt a lot about myself through this blog and not only did this blog kept me sane and saved me from the cold Canadian winters, it gave my thoughts a voice 🙂

Last one year, this blog had some very interesting experiences. DSB joined the mission Meatless Monday and now posts one exciting and meat-free recipe for meatless Monday every Monday. Check out my work for MM here.

I also took on the project ” Diabetes Friendly Thursday” with a few friends and learnt about diabetes and how eating right can help manage the disease better. Joining this mission has helped me learn new things about some of the very basic and everyday ingredients and has made me more conscious about eating healthy on a daily basis. Some of my most appreciated recipes from this project are:


skinny shahi paneer DFTbanh xeo dft

Zucchini pancaketikka grilled

One more thing that i came to realize was “You need good tools to make good food”. Just like good ingredients makes all the difference to a meal, good kitchen equipments gives the real wings to one’s creativity. I always belittled the importance of kitchen tools till i owned them. Now they are like extensions to my hands when i am in my kitchen and makes my life so much easier.  Now, i grind my own masalas, make my own spice mixes, even make my own lentil flours, bread, butter and what not.

homemade butter copywhole wheat Garlic Naan copypav bread copy

I can go on and on but i think what sums it up for me is, good food has the power to keep us happy.. so keep your mittens on and keep cooking !! 

Now, as i promised, here is a list of my favorite recipes from my blog which i prepared in 2015. Pick and choose or bookmark them all to create in the days to come because i promise that these dishes would make you and your loves ones very happy 🙂

dal makhni copyrasbhari rasmalai copySesame garlic noodles copydark secret chocolate cake copymanchurianFIRECRACKER SRIRACHA TOFU copySoya garden biryani copypunjabi tadka samosasmango cake with lemon pudding trifle

With that thought, good food and delicious pictures, i would like to wish all my lovely readers a very happy holidays and a bright- happy new year !!



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  1. Loved your writing on the conflicted feelings of a blogger Prachi! Heartfelt and very similar for me. I love how you presented the recipes in the roundup. I need a tutorial! Merry Merry Merry Christmas! 70s here in PA is making it feel more like spring break than Christmas!

    • Johanne <3 I would be more than happy to help you with anything you like. I am in Delhi, India these days on a vacation and here it is pretty cold …so it does feel like new year 😛 Being a blogger is such a fab feeling… much like having kids and only a blogger can understand what i meant 😛

  2. You know I love your blog, your food is always amazing, and your ventures into different foods has been great to follow. I hope you’re having a great Christmas and I look forward to more fabulous food to come 🙂

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