Ideas for Christmas gifts by Uncommon Goods – Review

Christmas is just weeks away and if you are one of those people who start the countdown to the next Christmas on 26th itself, then i am sure you already have your dry fruits and nuts soaking in rum for the fruit cake and you have your recipes sorted for the Christmas dinner ! Today, i am not bringing a dish on the table but i have some Kitchen beauties you would want to own and gift them to friends who love cooking for Christmas . What’s more.. there is an exciting Giveaway too !!

This is going to be an exciting review. For a change, today we are not discussing food but Kitchen utility products ! For anyone who loves to spend hours cooking, knows the value of handy kitchen tools. Kitchen tools are as essential as recipes in the kitchen. I always believe – good kitchens make good food !!

I am always looking for creatively designed, user-friendly kitchen products to add to my collection and i never seem to get enough of them.  If you are even a little bit like me, then you are going to love products by Uncommon goods ! As the name suggests, this company sells unique, hand crafted products and they all have one thing in common –  elements of creativity ! Check out their collection to find the perfect Christmas gift for your friends and yourself. In this review, we would check out some of their products and put them to test in our kitchen. Plus , we have a fun giveaway from Uncommon goods !! So, grab your coffee and get excited 🙂


The first time i saw their website, my first reaction looking at a product displayed on their homepage was ” wow, that’s neat ! I should buy this for my house !”. I actually had a real tough time selecting the products because i fell in love with just so many of them 😛 Keeping Christmas in mind, i thought it would be awesome to select 2 “Cooking/Serving” products and 2 “small but nifty” products. Here is what all i picked !


If you are known for hosting the best parties and always have friends coming over to try your newest recipes, you got to have this ! This wood + Soapstone platters not only look elegant, they are designed to keep your warm food warm and cold food colder for long ! The soapstone platters can be kept in the freezer or warmed to upto 500F in the oven and can be used to serve all sorts of food.

Why i love it – I was in the mood for some pizza and tried the soapstone in oven. The pizza kept warm throughout our lunch 🙂


We love pasta at my place and i really dislike when i have to break the pasta in two so that my small boiling pot can accommodate the noodles. This product solves that is a pretty neat way ! Shaped like a bread box, this container accommodates spaghetti noodles easily and can also be used to blanch big long vegetables etc.

Why i love it – The lid comes with a lock in position handles and a built in strainer which makes life so much easier ! Moreover, this pot uses much lesser water and cooks pasta faster than the normal utensils.

I am in love with both these products and can see myself using them in so many ways !! Here are some more ideas for gifts to grab under $50 here !


Love this one ! This pourer helps you control the flow of the oil so that you can gauge the amount you need for different purposes. The only one thing which would make it even better (in my opinion)  would be a cap on top of the pourer to keep the spout from attracting dust.

Why i love it This pourer fits most of the bottle heads and the dripless feature really works.


Face problems with storing the left over half avocado after your morning smoothie? This product solves that ! This silicon form fitting cup grabs the avocado and keeps it fresher for longer. Such a small but clever idea ! Comes in 2 sizes to accommodate small and big avocados. I feel that the bigger size is too big and perhaps an additional hugger of size in between the 2 sizes would make this set complete !

Why i love it – These products are washable and reusable – no need to use cling films and wraps anymore !

Aren’t these products practical and at the same time, interesting too ! I bet that serving platter would be the piece of conversation over your Christmas party and those tid-bits would make for excellent stocking stuffers ! Look for more such fun Stocking stuffing products here !

AND NOW … for some more exciting stuff !! So, i am pretty sure that you are amazed by these products and perhaps already checking out their website to select your gifts.

So, how about a chance to win a $25 gift card from Uncommon gifts ! CLICK ON THE IMAGE BELOW AND ENTER THE GIVEAWAY !! OPEN TO USA RESIDENTS ONLY.


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  1. Great looking kitchen tools and useful too..

  2. I love well designed kitchen tools too and these certainly look awesome, Prachee!

  3. Please do !! You can also try buying the general food huggers … very convenient !!

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