TZATZIKI – Greek Gyro Sauce

Tzatziki, a simple, subtly seasoned yoghurt dip.. healthy to core and so yummy that u would not want to keep it for later. Its a Yes for me all the way ! I got introduced to this just a couple of months back and it has completely changed my food palate ! DSB makes this classic tzatziki, the traditional style and adds a new found love to its section of some amazing chutneys, sauces and dips !

Ever noticed that smooth, creamy, gorgeous sauce which is usually laced generously over those mouth watering pita pockets and falafal sandwiches ? Thats Tzatziki ! I am sure many of you might be like “duh, what else”.. but somehow i caught on that pretty late 😛

Actually i always made pita falafal sandwiches at home and used to just use a thick yoghurt gravy/ raita (an Indian yoghurt dip/side dish) just because falafal felt a little dry without a creamy sauce but i never realised that the original sandwiches sold all around were in fact using something similar and so amazing. How i got to finally taste it is actually a different story all together 😛

Well to cut short the drama, the first tasting of Tzatziki happened during one of our preparation meetings for the “Restaurant Day” that happened on May 17th this year. If u have’nt read my post on that, find it here : Restaurant Day highlights  . Since preparing meetings can be long and tiring, we planned on a small potluck where every one got a dish from home to eat together. I had made some Instant Masala Idlis-dhokla style and one of girls served a platter of pita pockets with an array of dip to choose from. one was clearly a hummus, the other was the Za’atar mixed in Olive oil and spices and the third one was something creamy and amazing. I pretty much assumed it to be sour cream and was being too conscious of taking a second and a third helping (i so loved it, it was tough to let go :P) when suddenly my friend was like ” Prachi, go ahead.. be liberal.. its just yoghurt !” and i was like “Woah ! seriously !! This is so awesome ”

I came back home, half dead from exhaustion late that night but this sauce was all over in my thoughts ! The next morning was a quick internet search and i finally figured out the secrets to an amazing tzatziki sauce. I have tried many variations with it and i do recommend adding in some caramalized onions but the classic still rules my heart. Give it a go!!

Greek Gyro Sauce – TZATZIKI

Greek gyro sauce - tzatziki

  • Servings: 200gms
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tzatziki sauce copyRecipe

  • 300 gms of greek yoghurt (full fat preferred for a creamier texture). Greek yoghurt is more firm than usual yoghurts and drains off less water.
  • 2 tablespoon extra virgin Olive Oil
  • 1/2 tsp salt or to taste
  • 2 cloves garlic – minced
  • 1/2 English cucumber – remove the center portion with the seeds. It also has the maximum water content
  • Dry black pepper to taste
  • chili flakes to taste (optional)


  1. The first step is to drain off the excess water from the yoghurt you are using. For that, use a muslin cloth and add your yoghurt to it. You can whisk your yoghurt first before putting it in a muslin cloth. Let the water drain for about 4 hours . I usually make a pouch of the muslin and hang it so that the water drains out faster. Once the yoghurt has drained enough water, remove into a bowl. Make sure that not too much water is drained or the sauce will be dry, u want a little thick sauce consistency.
  2. While the yoghurt is draining, cut the cucumber sides (remove the center) into really small chunks and sprinkle some salt to it and let it rest for about 15 minutes. This will remove some extra water from the cucumbers as well. I keep the skins of half portion of my cucumber for a crunchier taste.
  3. Once the cucumbers have drained out water, you may wash them and add to the yoghurt. Slowly add in olive oil and blend it well with the yoghurt. Add the spices. Tzatziki is ready.

Was’nt that really simple? I love the simplicity of this dish. It is easy to make and taste heavenly. For me, i use this dip liberally with my wraps, gyros, falalfel, veg shammi kebabs (recipe here) 

and also for my soups and garlic bread … i infact even used it along with my pastas and a total yes with fries .. oh yes! Try this with my Hot Cajun style Potato Wedges and u will Love it for sure !!

Some of my recipes it goes really well with :

Cheddar Pepper crackers

oats Tikkis

All in one vegetarian wrap

Shahi Pulao

Chunky Soya Bites

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  1. I just love tzatziki! I’ve never added caramelized onions in it, that’s a new one.

  2. yum yum yumm! Lovely pictures too! 🙂

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