Joseph’s Sugar Free cookies and book Review

This is my first review post and i am so thrilled that it is for Joseph’s Lite Cookies which specializes in making sugar free products for diabetics and those who are interested in controlling their sugar consumption. In this post, i would be reviewing their best seller book – Madness Miracles Millions and doing a taste testing for some of their exciting cookies ! Feeling absolutely ecstatic !! 🙂

Lately i have been interested in creating recipes with a cause and in that effort i have started to churn out 1 diabetic friendly recipe every week. It has been fun so far and at the same time, pretty challenging too. Having started with no idea about diabetes, it has been a huge learning curve for me to understand the requirements of a diabetic diet and create recipes which can do justice to the cause. With each new recipe, my knowledge is getting better and i am enjoying it more than anything else.

I have been getting great responses on my recipes so far and it feels divine to get validation on one’s creation. One such validation came about when i received an email a few days ago from Joseph’s Lite Cookies. They have been following my diabetes friendly recipe posts and got interested in sharing their products with me. When they asked me if i would like to sample their products and do a review, i happily agreed !

I was pretty excited to receive their samples and do a taste testing. We exchanged a few emails in the days to follow and within a week, i had the samples delivered to my address. They sent me a whole lot of exciting things – Sugar free sweeteners & syrup, 4 different varieties of cookies and their best seller book.


The book – Madness Miracles Millions by Joseph and Larry Semprevivo, is a book about the life of the co-founders of Joseph’s Lite Cookies. It talks about their lives, struggles, sacrifices and dreams which they achieve through sheer hard work and will power. Joseph was diagnosed with diabetes at an early age of 9 and to him, that meant a lifelong abandonment from all things sweet. To overcome this challenge, he created his own version of sugar free and diabetic friendly ice creams and cookies and later went all out to share his products with the world. His family faced a lot of struggling times in their lives too but stuck together and worked hard through it all to finally taste success. When i was reading the book, it seemed like i was in a conversation with the authors of the book and they were pouring their hearts out to me. It is amazing to see how they overcome their struggles and made it big ! The book is inspiring and motivating for sure !

As i said above, the package came with samples of some interesting flavoured syrup/sweeteners and cookies ! Here is a sneak peak 🙂

joseph products

The cookies came in 4 flavours

  • Chocolate Chip
  • Pecan Shortbread
  • Peanut Butter
  • Almond

I tried all the flavours one by one and found them very interesting. These cookies are more than just our classic cookies. They are not over sweet or heavy unlike most of the cookies. The taste is a little different and might come as a surprise to people who are expecting a sugary cookie. They are not as sweet as an average cookie, instead they have their own unique flavour. These cookies are bite sized and perfect to snack on for both, diabetes patients and health conscious people. The best part is that these cookies are not loaded with un-neccesary preservatives or ingredient (as per their label), which makes these cookies more reliable 🙂 My vote goes to the peanut butter which was my favorite flavour of the four. I would recommend giving these cookies a trial.

I am now excited to try the sweetener/syrup and maybe create some recipe using them. Keep checking my blog for this recipe update 🙂

Before i finish this review, i would like to thank Joseph Lite Cookies for contacting me and sending their samples for a taste test. I really liked the book and found the cookies really interesting 🙂 People do check out their website, facebook and twitter page to learn more about Joseph cookies and give their products a go. Their cookies really come with a sugar free promise for health 🙂 Now, that is the kind of sweetness i like !!

Recipe using Joseph’s Syrups and Sweeteners :

Cinnamon roll copydark secret chocolate cake copy



The above review states my opinion and views as an individual about the above products. I am not a nutritionist or dietician. Please use your own discretion before consuming the above products. If you are a diabetic patient, please consult your doctor to check if the ingredients found in these cookies comply with your dietary specifications and select portions as advised.

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  3. WE love the Joseph’s sugar free syrup. We were able to purchase it at Whole Foods but they no longer carry it and we can not find it anywhere else that we shop. Is it possible to purchase it on line? Please let us know. thank you

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